Townsend Jewellers

Townsend Jewellers is a family owned business serving the Adelaide Hills for over 20 years. Townsend Jewellers provides Mount Barker and the wider community with personal customer service and support. As well as stocking the latest in designer Jewellery, they also provide a repair service for a range of jewellery, including watch repairs.

Townsend Jewellers | 27 Gawler Street, Mt Barker


Georgia T Branding


Design a logo and promotional material for a new Townsend Jewellers jewellery line “Georgia T”.  Logo should most appeal to women aged 18 to 35, have a modern look and feel and include the tag line “Dare to Dream”.  Logo should be text only with no image  Colour of logo to be pink similar to “Diva” pink and promotional material to be pink with possible black and white a boutique look and feel.


D2NV produced a modern design which create a unique look for Georgia T.  Promotional poster gave this new brand a distinct French Boutique look and feel and other promotional material such as bunting flags, price tags etc. complete the package.


Successful launch of a new line with great appeal to target audience.


Christmas Flyer


Design a DL tri-fold flyer for Townsend Jewellers Christmas function.  Brochure is to use the theme of Diamond and would like a diamond Christmas tree for the front page.  Flyer should be predominately white but have a Christmas look and feel.  Product image need to be clear and extracted from their background.  Brand name logos should also be use.


A clean, crisp Christmas brochure with a diamond theme and custom drawn diamond Christmas tree for the front cover. Products logically presented in a clear easy to read manner.