Behind the Door Wines

Behind the Door Wines has an extensive wine and sensory knowledge from both studying Wine and working within the industry. We are based in the beautiful Adelaide Hills which is an amazing wine region on its own. We will only offer wines that we have personally tasted. We source all our wines from all areas that are honest to their variety and region and then offer these great wines direct to our customers at competitive prices with absolute personalised service.

Behind the Door Wines | Telephone: 0415 696 070


Company Re-branding


Redesign current Behind the Door Wines logo.  New logo needs to be modern, clean and simply.  Would like to retain the red door as it is how clients recognise us.  No other specific requirements, but I do not want the logo to be so ultra-modern that it will date quickly.


D2NV produced a new modern logo bring BTDW out of the 1990’s and into the future.  As requested by the customer, the cellar door was retained but altered to a achieve a modern look. The old dark red was exchanged for a newer, lighter red and the font colour was lightened to balance with the new red.  Font type was also changed to something different, however a Serif font was retain to give the logo character and reduce the risk of moving into the “ultra-modern” realm.


A new modern logo with spunk!  A starting point for creating a new-look website.


Business Card


Design a modern, funky business card to compliment new logo.   Business card needs to contain a QR code for quick link to our website and other standard information.  I would like the business card to be double sided.


Utilising the modern UI look, D2NV created this simple, clean, modern business card for BTDW.  The card contains all the information the customer requested in a uniform, easy to read format.  Customer was so happy with the layout of the business card that further business stationery was created from this design.


Website Redevelopment


To redesign current eCommerce website to match new logo.  New website should contain slideshows and simple to navigate store. Website will also need to cater for fundraiser for individual clients, including their own personal “shop” with specific product.  Website will also need to be easy to manage.


Behind the Door Wines’ new website is exactly what Sally and Anthony asked for.  It is smooth functioning and the client can maintain it themselves negating the need for an ongoing maintenance contract.  The new website layout ties in with their new logo and business stationery and has additional functionality to meet the needs of personally tailored fundraisers. The new website has features installed for easy conversion to mobile responsive when Sally is ready to move up into the responsive world.