Design Process

As a client of a design company the most important thing to know is the design process differs depending on your designer and the product being produced. While many projects go through similar processes to reach the final result, every project will develop uniquely and the time it takes to complete will vary. Below is information to help guide you through the design process.

Phase One

The Visual Brief

The first step in the design project is the development of the “Visual Brief”. This document details your business position and specific objectives for the project. The Visual Brief is prepared by us using information provided by you at the initial consultation and combined with Our market research to fill in any gaps with regards to your competition, target audience and goals for the design project. The Visual Brief invaluable tool that ensures the design project stays on track. It will also be referred to, expanded and refined throughout the development process and form part of the Contract. It is important to know that The Brief is the foundation for the creation of your project therefore it is important that You ensure it is correct and complete before you accept the contract.

Deliverables to You:

Visual Brief, Order, Our Terms

Deliverable to Us:

Accepted Contract (Visual Brief, Order, Our Terms), Deposit or Design Fee in accordance with our Terms.

Phase Two

Brainstorming & Concept Development

After thoroughly researching your business or product, we will brainstorm to develop creative concepts for your project based on the information and objectives set out in the Visual Brief. Once brainstorming is complete, we begin to develop the concepts for the Product. This phase usually involves a lot of experimenting with layout, images and text. Depending on the Product, our designer starts by sketching ideas and playing with layouts until something “clicks”. Our designer must consider many variables when creating concepts including your business image, layout, shape, functionality etc.

We will work hard to create a Product for you that is truly unique and will make you “stand out in the crowd”. When we are confident that we have fully explored all possibilities through sketching, we will choose our three top ideas and develop them further digitally. The digital concept(s) are then presented to you for your feedback. At this stage concept(s) are generally presented in grey-scale to ensure you critiques is given based on layout, structure and content, rather than colour. This ensures all concepts are present on a “level playing field”.

Deliverables to You:

Project Concepts

Deliverable to Us:

Feedback, concept choice, amendment requests or acceptance of a concept.

Phase Three

Concept Refining

At this stage, we will address any amendments you have requested for your chosen concept and internally review and evaluate the final concept against the Visual Brief to ensure all objectives have been met. When overall analysis is address the following:
Select Fonts.
Different type fonts impart very definite characteristics about the brand name. Fonts are selected that fit with the brand character while considering readability.
Develop graphics.
This may include the development of your logo symbol, web icons, buttons or other graphics necessary for the project.
Apply colour palette.
Colour(s) are chosen based on your requests or strategically selected to reflect your brand. The final colours are applied to the refine concept.

Deliverables to You:

Refine Concept

Deliverable to Us:

Concept acceptance, Progress Payment in accordance with our Terms.

Phase Four (Print Products)

Final Artwork Creation

We now create your final artwork ready for delivery or print.

Deliverables to You:

Final artwork (once final payment is made)

Deliverable to Us:

Final payment.

Phase Four (Web Products)

Demo Development and Presentation

This phase involves developing your concept into functioning demo website.

Deliverables to You:

Website demo

Deliverable to Us:

Demo acceptance, Progress Payment in accordance with our Terms